Pulsera inteligente: Watch Ur Health

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A. G. Bravo Sánchez
R. E. Camas Maay
M. A. Carrillo Fierros
R. F. Cervantes Rodríguez
M. M. Álvarez Cervera


The COVID-19 disease continues to be a public health problem that society has integrated into its daily life. Prevention measures are a cornerstone to stop the growing increase in infections. Leading to an opportunity for technological development to create devices that contribute to the reinforcement of these measures. The "Smart Bracelet: Watch Ur Health" project is an innovative proposal for a device capable of warning its users from possible approaches of the hand to the face, which we know are a potential risk to get many infectious diseases, not limited only to COVID-19. This paper reports the development of facial approach detection algorithms and the implementation of a first prototype of the Smart Bracelet, integrating the functions of a common watch. Strategies are proposed for the improvement of functions in future developments.

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Bravo Sánchez, A. G., Camas Maay, R. E., Carrillo Fierros, M. A., Cervantes Rodríguez, R. F., & Álvarez Cervera, M. M. (2021). Pulsera inteligente: Watch Ur Health. Memorias Del Congreso Nacional De Ingeniería Biomédica, 8(1), 300–303. Recuperado a partir de http://memoriascnib.mx/index.php/memorias/article/view/860
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