Plantilla Inteligente Para Pie Diabético

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E. López Godínez
C. R. Ibáñez Nangüelú
J. Jara Jiménez


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease representative of elevated blood glucose or also known as hyperglycemia. One of the consequences of the pathology is the development of Diabetic Neuropathy (DN) which means damage to nerve tissues due to diabetes [2]. One of its consequences of the NP is the loss of sensation, most often it begins affecting the feet and legs, exposing them to develop injuries, ulcers and in severe cases even amputations. This work presents the development of a prototype of an intelligent insole for diabetic foot (PIPD), which is able to monitor the state of the patient's diabetic foot the following parameters: temperature and plantar pressure in real time. Simultaneously monitors blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) outside the insole, where the control system is located. The information obtained is visualized through a mobile application that was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The template was designed to be ergonomic and 3D printed with flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, inside it is located piezoresistive sensors and a thermistor with their respective connections(cables). It is obtained as a result that the user-patient is continuously monitored, the SpO2 is displayed, the temperature with decimal values so as not to give false measurements, obtain plantar pressure and this is possible to perceive in the HEALTFOOT app.

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López Godínez, E., Ibáñez Nangüelú, C. R. ., & Jara Jiménez, J. (2021). Plantilla Inteligente Para Pie Diabético. Memorias Del Congreso Nacional De Ingeniería Biomédica, 8(1), 130–133. Recuperado a partir de
Bioinstrumentación, Biosensores, Bioimpedancia y Micro/Nano Tecnologías